3 Ways To Use Our Spice Boxes


If you've visited our shop before, you know that pieces from India are near and dear to our heart. We get just as excited about a set of vintage Indian doors that sit 14 feet high as we do for little architectural finds such as the spice box. The artistry found within these salvaged pieces is truly breathtaking. Each carving is different and beautiful - and these spice boxes are a staple in any Indian kitchen. Traditionally, they were meant to hold vibrant spices with rich flavor, such as turmeric, black mustard seeds, and masala. You may use our boxes the traditional way, or mix things up a bit and incorporate them into your decor. Here are some ways we love using these wooden treasures.


Succulent Holder. We love the pop of color plants add to these boxes. I walked over to Roxannes Dried Flowers this morning and picked up three small succulents - and placed a few in a narrow spice box. This would be adorable as a centerpiece to a table, or can simply be set along the window sill.

Tea Container. Each spice box is different. I have a large one in my kitchen that is set up near my tea kettle. I store loose leaf tea, a honey jar, and some spoons in mine.


Jewelry Holder. We have been using spice boxes for years to display jewelry, and love how they act as a little treasure box. These look great set up on the vanity, and can be left open as a display piece or closed for more privacy.

We hand-pick each spice box at market, so our selections are always changing depending on what is available. I love how versatile they are, and will treasure mine always.

Madisyn FeckoComment