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Starting a blog is always a weird, exciting, awkward, and silly thing. It also can be pretty beautiful. My names Madisyn, and I'll be the writer behind this new blog of ours. Hot Haute Hot has been a second home to me for quite some time now. I was 8 when the store was born. Then, it was a dream, a vision. Now, 15 years later, it has evolved into a place where people come for inspiration. A place for people to find love through art. Rose and Keneva, the owners, and souls of the store have kept a humbling feel to haute. As a small business, we love our loyal customers, and excite over our new, from traveled cities and countries. We are located in one of Pittsburgh's most true grit parts of town, in the Strip District at 2124 Penn Ave. If you ever get a chance, please stop in and see us!

We want to share Hot Haute Hot with as many as we can. This blog will a mix of everything, staying true to the haute brand. A lifestyle, per say, of art, furniture, design, music, and food. The things that keep our hearts beating. Hopefully y'all can get a taste of who we are, what we love, and see this as a place for inspiration. 


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